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Friday, January 30, 2009

Spam: Music and more

Dear Adoring Fans,

Here's some spam.

It's a link to a song inspired by the manual labor i've been doing at my Siberian prison camp job.  Somehow I offended the powers that be and now I'm a long term guest of the GULAG.  I suppose it's better than being unemployed.  I suppose.

It's called "Born to Lift" and many of my inmates think it's a humdinger of a melody.  In fact, it inspired a riot last night before dinner.  Nobody died or anything, but a number of people were severely injured, and a number are going to solitary confinement today.

But let's look on the bright side of things. 

Here's a new INTERVIEW.  This time, it's with my friend and bandmate, Jules Worsley.  People are saying it's "a compelling Grisham-like read," and so you know it must be true if PEOPLE are saying it.

Have a lovely day.


Interview: Jules Worsley

Hail Dear Reader,

Once again, I'm prying into another person's life, and this time, it's my friend Jules Worsley's life. If you didn't already know, I play music with Jules in front of people.

You'll need to focus like a lens on the interview because there's a lot going on in this one. I had to read it twice through to get a rough idea of its import, and then finally i was able to see the beauty of it in later reads.


P: If you had to wake up every day, what would you do?

J: I think I'm already doing it.

P: If you were a dog, what would you say?

J: Gee, my balls taste funny.

P: Do you think music is good or bad?

J: Music is good. The music industry is bad. It is run by ignorant Moronic scumbags who think the Jethro Tull deserved their "Best Metal Act" award and saw Justin Timberlake as a good choice to present at The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. That's The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! Their sheer ignorance has forever tarnished the image of one of America's most important art forms. I pray these money-grubbing parasites that run the industry will die off and be subjected to MTV in hell for an eternity.

Luckily, some good music can be found on some of the smaller labels that still pander to quaint, out-dated concepts like "quality control."

P: Do you think conflict in the middle east is easily resolved?

J: Not with us around!

P: How do you feel about bacon?

J: Gift from the Gods. We are forever in your servitude…

And thus ends another wonder-filled interview.



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Sony Records


Monday, January 19, 2009

Spam: Paulette on Let's Paint TV

Hello Dear Reader,

The trip to LA was fun.

I spent $40.00 on gas and about $13.00 on food. The show had about 5900 hits or something like that, so I'm obviously on my way toward lifelong financial security. Finally!!!

I ate a sausage egg mcmuffin and a whopper junior on the way down on thursday. On the way back up, I had the ultimate breakfast sandwich which contains two eggs, bacon and ham. I also had another egg sandwich, columbian coffee, some reese's peanut butter cups and a bunch of citrus fruit given to me by my cousin john and his gal.

I liked the citrus fruits a lot, the mandarin oranges, lemons, oranges and kumquats, all of which grow in their yard.

Thursday night, we bbq'd pork chops and ate them with an iceberg lettuce salad with tomatoes and spicy rice. I drank about 3/4 of a lithuanian beer and got a buzz because i drank it before we ate at 10:00 p.m.

Thursday night, we had a "rehearsal" broadcast on the internet, and it was rather fun.

The dogs are well as are the cats. We walked the dogs twice.

I was going to do a look back at 2008, but I've since decided that an unreflected life is worth living.

Let me try to sum it up briefly. I turned 40. I lost my job, my apartment building caught on fire and i had smoke damage in my apartment, I got tendonitis in my hands, I got a job at a christmas tree lot.

But I wrote some songs and made new friends and made t-shirts and sold a download of the song "Elsie" in Australia, Europe, UK and CAnada.

Have a Lovely day!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

let's paint tv

Hi Kids,

I'll be a guest on Let's Paint TV tomorrow for sure 11-12 PST, and possibly for a while today, but i'll probably get there late since I'm still at home and it's 5:24 a.m.

let'paint tv

I put up a new interview, this time with my new friend, Hillary Overberg.

I hope you have a lovely day!



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Hillary Overberg Interview

Dear Reader,

Once again, I venture into other people's psyches and pick them like a miner mines a mine with a pick.

This time, I interview my new friend, Hillary Overberg, and she tells me things that she normally doesn't tell herself.

So sit back for an hour or so and enjoy the heck out of this riveting read.

P: If you had a dollar, what would you do with it?

H: I had a dollar once. That was a great day. The fiber went weirdly absorbent (someone showed me) cleans up just about any spill and can be used over and over again. If I ever have another dollar, I might trade it for an island, or some medieval tapestries, or a castle with a tower.

P: Supposing you saw a dog, what would you say to it?

H: Okay, listen up. I don't want to fight but I will. I WILL. I've seen you ruffing it up around here and, come on, this is a nice neighborhood. Go do your drugs somewhere else.

P: Do you think music is good or bad?

H: That seems wide of the mark, but I'll give it a shot. Excessive music is good. Music started out as good, and then went through a period of several hundred years when it was bad. A small peasant girl in what is now Turkey then saved music and it underwent a grand renaissance and was good again. Recently, it's been mostly bad.

Bhangra is good. Bollywood is bad but it's good too. Lots of classical music is good. Stravinsky is good. Quikway is good. Balinese music is really good. French music is usually bad, except for the old stuff, which is good.

P: How do you feel about shopping?

H: OMG! Shopping is, like, part of my self expression and whatever. You are SUCH a good interviewer!!! Cuzz, you like know what kinds of questions to ask to really get me to open up. It's like you know me or something. weird. Some people say shopping is shallow but it totally isn't. I say, if it were shallow, then there wouldn't be so much VARIETY to choose from for self expression!

P: If you could be any kind of monkey, what kind of monkey would you be?

H: When I was a kid, I never thought monkeys were cute --they looked too much like people. But now sometimes I think people are cute, and monkeys have grown on me too. But I would never want to be a dressed up trick monkey-- the ones that try to act like people. That's just humiliating.

So. a tree monkey.

Thus ends another fascinating and unflinchingly honest interview.

It's hard to believe that time can go by so fast, but go by it does, never stopping ever.

Until next time.....



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