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Friday, January 30, 2009

Interview: Jules Worsley

Hail Dear Reader,

Once again, I'm prying into another person's life, and this time, it's my friend Jules Worsley's life. If you didn't already know, I play music with Jules in front of people.

You'll need to focus like a lens on the interview because there's a lot going on in this one. I had to read it twice through to get a rough idea of its import, and then finally i was able to see the beauty of it in later reads.


P: If you had to wake up every day, what would you do?

J: I think I'm already doing it.

P: If you were a dog, what would you say?

J: Gee, my balls taste funny.

P: Do you think music is good or bad?

J: Music is good. The music industry is bad. It is run by ignorant Moronic scumbags who think the Jethro Tull deserved their "Best Metal Act" award and saw Justin Timberlake as a good choice to present at The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. That's The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! Their sheer ignorance has forever tarnished the image of one of America's most important art forms. I pray these money-grubbing parasites that run the industry will die off and be subjected to MTV in hell for an eternity.

Luckily, some good music can be found on some of the smaller labels that still pander to quaint, out-dated concepts like "quality control."

P: Do you think conflict in the middle east is easily resolved?

J: Not with us around!

P: How do you feel about bacon?

J: Gift from the Gods. We are forever in your servitude…

And thus ends another wonder-filled interview.



Groups and Causes that Jules is affiliated with are:

Sony Records



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