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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Important Elgar Crostini Interview

Dear Reader,

After my last really important interview with John Kilduff, a lot of readers such as yourself have swamped me with requests to do another wildly fascinating interview. So in an effort to make these readers feel powerful in at least one instance in their lives, I've taken to heart their pleas and interviewed the cultural iconoclast, Elgar Crostini.

As in all of my previous interviews, the interview was conducted via the totally misunderstanding-free medium of e-mail. So buckle up and get ready for the read of a lifetime.

As always, the "P" is Paulette, the "E" is Elgar.

P: Can I interview you for my blog.

E: Apparently, yes.

P: Maybe five or six easy questions such as

What is your name?

E: Elgar Crostini.

P: What are your feelings about bacon?

E: I have very warm warm feelings about bacon. Actually, I am on fucking on fire for that shit and want to marry it.

P: What's your favorite animal to not eat?

E: I've always enjoyed not eating dogs, and they seem to appreciate the extra effort.

P: How do you feel about music? Is it good or bad?

E: Nice; yes.

P: Which do you prefer, driving your car forward or backward? Why?

E: Both ways are good; forward's nice, but sometimes backwards can be a welcome change of pace, especially if you're in one of those moods where you're just sick to death of always having to go forward all the time.

P: Explain.

E: No.

The following are organizations and causes that Elgar Crostini supports:

Music For People

People for Music

Education in the Schools

Foundation for Scholastic Education


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