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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

John Kilduff Interview

What follows is my interview with my cousin John who is also known as Mr. Let's Paint. I interviewed him by e-mail so I don't know what his tone or body language was when he answered these questions.
The "P" is Paulette, and the "J" is John.

P: Hi John,

P: How are you?

J: Fine

P: Here are some questions i came up with.

What is your name?

J: John Kilduff

P: What do you want me to ask you?

J: When are you going to come back on my show?

P: How do you feel about art? Is it good or bad? Explain.

J: It's mostly bad.....but there's always something good....that's what
it's all about

P: What isn't art?

J: Nothing

P: How do you feel about paint? Brushes? Canvas? (what are your
thoughts about them)

J: It's very clay...but so what...I like painting and
that's that.

P: How do you feel about exercise? (what are your thoughts about it)

J: I hate doing it.

P: What isn't exercise?

J: your momma...he he ...just had to say that....everything is
exercise...everything is art!

The End


At 5:39 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This interview is actually the perfect length for an interview.
The perfect length for a movie, on the other hand, is 90 minutes.


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