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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Spam: Boring Protest Song

Dear Lefty Wingnut,

As you all know, I've had tendonitis for about 6 weeks now and it was probably caused by poor piano technique. I took a piano lesson to learn how to play more ergonomically, and so that's what i need to learn how to do. I also quit my spare time hobby of breaking up sidewalks and random concrete blocks with a jackhammer, and since quitting, i have to say that i notice improvement in my overall finger/hand/wrist health. My incidence of spontaneous concussion has decreased as well.

I've been watching since i learned that i can get it on my computer, and i have to say that at the moment, i find it rather interesting.

I think it's where this boring protest song, "Retail Saviour", came from. I play mandolin on it, and my mandolin was a birthday gift from my good friends in Boatclub, Matt and Mark and Tom and John and even Stefan.

If you listen carefully, you can probably hear my downstairs neighbor's "bumping" music in the recording.

In other news, i will be playing October 26th at the Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco opening up for Hot As Balls, and Luther Monday and the Magic Hammer, but I probably won't be playing much piano, which is sad because they actually care enough to have a decent piano.

Tell everybody you know that i'm teaching piano students, and maybe even beginning guitar students.




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