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Monday, July 28, 2008

Paulette Plays GAYVILLE Again, Saturday Aug 2nd

Hello Baroque Music Lover,

I'm so happy today to be able to share with you seven
spine-tingling, thrilling minutes of keyboard music by
your and my favorite Baroque composer, J.S. Bach.

It's a Prelude from one of his English Suites, a suite
being a set of "dances" such as Allemande, Gigue,
Courante, etc. It's BWV 807. "BWV" stands for Bach
Werke Verzeichnis or Bach Works Catalog.

I hope you enjoy it because all this piano playing is
kind of stressing my hands out, and what good is
pointless martyrdom?!

It's in two gripping parts because i have upload
limitations on my website.

BWV 807 Prelude Pt. 1

BWV 807 Prelude Pt. 2

In other news, my performance schedule is packed yet
again. I'll be playing one show in GAYVILLE, August
2nd, 2008.

It's a birthday party, and even though there is no
charge for admission, it's looking like it will sell
out, so you should probably camp on the sidewalk for 3
or 4 days before the event to make sure you get in.

On the bill are:

The Strangers from Stockton,Paulette,Nessie and her
beard,Jon Sugar,Crissie.

Bring your friends, or don't go and send your enemies
instead, we don't care.

4122 18th Street
San Francisco, CA

Love Always,



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