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Friday, June 20, 2008

Reader Comments: Do You Like Frogs?

After my last article proclaiming my love of dogs, a deluge of reader comments has poured in from far and wide, most of them asking, "Do you like frogs?"

I'm tickled to be asked about another animal that's so near and dear to my somewhat healthy heart. It's refreshing to hear such intense interest in fauna from my loyal readership.

Yes, I like frogs. I more than like frogs, I love frogs. I had some bad experiences in the past where I essentially unknowingly abused them by trying to keep them as pets, and I know that those childish actions will make it difficult for me to move upwards toward nirvana on the wheel of samsara. But I think frogs are amazing animals because they look neat and have nifty bodies and start as little tadpoles and make me think about not being in my apartment where there are absolutely no frogs, save my full-sized Kermit the frog standing on top of my piano.

Let's celebrate frogs, all 5,250 species and 33 families!!! Hooray for frogs and frog lovers!!!


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