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Monday, April 21, 2008

Joey Spampinato Song

Here's a new song I wrote about Joey Spampinato.

I'm not feeling real humorous lately probably because I'm stressed out. But let me tell you about how funny my apartment is at 8:30 in the morning before I go to work on a monday.

I'm listening to this song about being in love with somebody who's married

All of this music is distracting me from writing about how funny my apartment is. My hands are cold because my apartment is cold, and this just about cracks me up, has me laughing belly laughs and tearing up and having rivers of laughing tears pouring down my face.

What's even funnier is how i hit return to make a paragraph and preview it in this blog program and watch how the return did nothing to make a paragraph. I don't have all day to write about how funny my apartment is.

Little icicles are forming on my fingers, and actually they are growing down from my hand so that they get in the way of my typing, preventing the hilarity from getting through.

I played at El Rio in San Francisco on April 15th, but maybe I will post the bulletin i sent to my e-mail audience instead of describing the hilarity of something i already wrote.

I 'm going to take a shower in my apartment, and this is always worth a laugh to me. There's something really funny about taking a shower, and it never fails to entertain me a lot.

I have a new book that I might read.


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