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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Goodbye 2007, NYE show recap

Dear Diary,

I played on New Year's eve at a restaurant on HaightStreet in San Francisco, California.

It was my first ever New Year's Eve show.

The people smiled and sang along and laughed, so in that respect it was a total success. I haven't really thought about it in other respects. I'm mostly just glad New Year's is over.

There were no windows in the room we played in, so if you wanted to see out, you had to look inward. I looked inward for a bit and was able to see a large group of ducks attacking some school kids. I later talked to my "counselor" about it, and she said that i'd been attending too many peta meetings.

After I played, our group left the restaurant to catch a bicycle to a bar in San Francisco on Divisadero andPage. The bar is called "The Page." It gets its name from the street it's on. We drank alcohol inside the bar, but only after the place thinned out. It was completely packed when we first arrived, so we had toget tiny bottles of jameson's at the nearby liquor store.

There was a mid-sized, unattended dog in front of the bar that a guy shooed out of the road. The dog was white and brown like some cows are. Jules and Nadine gave me some miniature toy plastic cows for christmas. They originally gave me full size plastic cows, but i exchanged them for miniatures. The full size ones are more fun, but they are too big for my apartment.

I don't recall seeing any cats out on New Years, but they are stealthier than dogs, so i might have missed them.

Happy New Year.



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