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Monday, November 19, 2007

KZSU SHOW 11/19/07

So I woke up at 6:00 a.m. like I had something I actually wanted to do. It was exciting to have some excitement in my life.

I took bart to San Francisco, a city on the west coast, where the DJ/Human Being, "Red West", picked me up in a car, and we drove 300 feet so I could get some tea at the tea store. I usually drink English Breakfast blend, and that day was no exception.

We got on interstate 280 and drove to palo alto. The traffic was heavy, but there were no accidents, so we considered ourselves lucky dogs. When we got to Stanford, we parked the car and went to the radio station. We were early, so i got a vegetarian breakfast burrito. I was not completely in a waking state, so i was mystified as to why my breakfast burrito had no ham or bacon or sausage in it. Red perceptively asked, "Did you order the vegetarian burrito?" Red had the a la carte scrambled eggs, potatoes, and bacon, and he let me have a piece of bacon to satisfiy my craving for breakfast meat.

radio is bizarre. we both sat in the control booth, a cramped room with a mixing board, two mics, some turntables and some cd players. I played and sang into dry mics while listening to myself through headphones. Initially, the levels weren't really adjusted, so it sounded like the guitar was maybe too loud, but the final signal is compressed so that it balances out the voice and guitar if i'm not mistaken.

It's also strange playing for an imaginary audience, and it makes me feel like i'm some kind of amoeba under a microscope. I missed Jules.

I was tired throughout most of the show, but i made it. Somehow, I made it through some of my songs. Two wonderful people called in to say "HI", and one of them, Julie, requested the song, "31st grade".

I went back to Oakland to work at my job.

Here are links to the show. - hi-fi audio,won't work on some computers though - mp3 stream, morelikely to work everywhere

The End


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