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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Paulette Becomes Media Darling

Dear Reader,
In an attempt to kiss liberal voters' asses like a submissive dog and to promote myself, I wrote this song about Sarah McCain.
My good friend and bandmate, Jules, told me about a Sarah Palin song contest in the East Bay Express entertainment weekly, and I entered my song in the contest because I'm really competitive when it comes to music and any art for that matter.
Here's what they wrote, and keep in mind when reading it that it's all true.
And I quote:
"Sarah McCain Is a Sexy Sexy Barrel of Oil" by Paulette Nichols
"Nichols actually submitted two songs — one about Sarah Palin, the other dedicated to her lesser-known running mate, John McCain. "Sexy Sexy Barrel of Oil" oozes with unappetizing, visceral metaphors, most of them oil-related. (She's coated in steel/But inside she's crude/A dripping black mess wearing pants and a blouse.) It's actually a quite fetching tune, appropriately slow paced with folk roots and lovely acoustic guitar."
End of quote.
If you want to read the whole, boring article, it's here.
Love Paulette


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