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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Hillary Overberg Interview

Dear Reader,

Once again, I venture into other people's psyches and pick them like a miner mines a mine with a pick.

This time, I interview my new friend, Hillary Overberg, and she tells me things that she normally doesn't tell herself.

So sit back for an hour or so and enjoy the heck out of this riveting read.

P: If you had a dollar, what would you do with it?

H: I had a dollar once. That was a great day. The fiber went weirdly absorbent (someone showed me) cleans up just about any spill and can be used over and over again. If I ever have another dollar, I might trade it for an island, or some medieval tapestries, or a castle with a tower.

P: Supposing you saw a dog, what would you say to it?

H: Okay, listen up. I don't want to fight but I will. I WILL. I've seen you ruffing it up around here and, come on, this is a nice neighborhood. Go do your drugs somewhere else.

P: Do you think music is good or bad?

H: That seems wide of the mark, but I'll give it a shot. Excessive music is good. Music started out as good, and then went through a period of several hundred years when it was bad. A small peasant girl in what is now Turkey then saved music and it underwent a grand renaissance and was good again. Recently, it's been mostly bad.

Bhangra is good. Bollywood is bad but it's good too. Lots of classical music is good. Stravinsky is good. Quikway is good. Balinese music is really good. French music is usually bad, except for the old stuff, which is good.

P: How do you feel about shopping?

H: OMG! Shopping is, like, part of my self expression and whatever. You are SUCH a good interviewer!!! Cuzz, you like know what kinds of questions to ask to really get me to open up. It's like you know me or something. weird. Some people say shopping is shallow but it totally isn't. I say, if it were shallow, then there wouldn't be so much VARIETY to choose from for self expression!

P: If you could be any kind of monkey, what kind of monkey would you be?

H: When I was a kid, I never thought monkeys were cute --they looked too much like people. But now sometimes I think people are cute, and monkeys have grown on me too. But I would never want to be a dressed up trick monkey-- the ones that try to act like people. That's just humiliating.

So. a tree monkey.

Thus ends another fascinating and unflinchingly honest interview.

It's hard to believe that time can go by so fast, but go by it does, never stopping ever.

Until next time.....



Groups or causes that Hillary cares about

Hillary Overberg Violin Teacher


At 4:29 PM , Blogger Dave said...

I was really hoping not to have to comment on this interview with Hillary Overberg.

I do want to find out more about Quikway music, now that I hear it's good.

So, I'll go try and listen to some now, instead of reading anymore.

At 9:51 AM , Blogger Jaina Bee said...

I didn't flinch once! I hope you do a follow up interview about Hillary's feelings about monkeys in ten years.


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