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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Strop Demands Key to City of Oakland

Strop Oakland

Oakland band, Strop, demands that Libby Schaaf give them the key to the city or they threaten to not play again in Oakland for another year.

"Unless we get that key, we're not gonna play again in Oakland for 365 days," says Stropper, Paulette Humanbeing, while the other Stroppers nodded in agreement.

Strop claims to be the heart and soul of California's port city, Oakland, and wants the recognition they feel they deserve. 

Says the same Stropper, Paulette "loudmouth" Humanbeing, "Ok, so we're not the brains of Oakland, but so F#cking what?  A body can live without the brain, but it can't live without its heart and soul.  Look at that chicken that lived without its head."


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