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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Paulette Apologizes for Posting Too Frequently

This a picture of Paulette's Legs.

After numerous complaints of "spamming the hell out of everybody", Paulette has finally caved and admitted that she just hasn't been getting attention in other areas of her life, so she posts constantly on facebook and other social media websites.

She spoke to her public recently saying, "I want to apologize for cluttering up your lives with minutiae and picayune and microscopic pieces of my life which are really small and redundant and not really that interesting when a person is inundated with them so frequently, repeatedly and over and over."


At 7:52 PM , Blogger Dian said...

This post sounds like it could be a thinly veiled put down meant for someone else! If it isn't, I think your posts are inspiring and important to anyone who feels they have one iota of your creativity and brilliance. As fucked up as social media can be, it does the good service of connecting people with like visions and mind warps to others they would otherwise never meet. Some of us like to express our appreciation for that. Of course you know ALL this already.


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