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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Paulette Paints Exciting New Series From Space.

Today, Paulette painted some paintings of people, places and things while she was orbiting the moon.  The reason why this is exciting and a big deal is because no pictures of the Earth from this vantage point have ever been taken or painted in all of recorded history.

Said one person on the street, "It's exciting to live in a time when we're finally able to see our planet from a long ways away.  Before seeing Paulette's paintings, I almost thought that the earth was a big, flat sheet of dirt surrounded by big tubs of salty water, but now i can see that the Earth is round, green and orange like a mildewy orange."

Paulette returned to Earth early this evening, and she will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Emeryville, CA.


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