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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Emily and Paulette's Reign Brings Real Change in Weather

Most people thought that Emily and Paulette's campaign for Art was Bullshit, but it turns out that it was for real, and now that they're art queens of the queendom of art, they're making real changes, changes of substance, substantial changes that are easy to see and that are really helpful to everybody in the world, artists and human beings alike.

One of these changes is the weather.  It's been getting cooler lately.  August was really warm, hot even, and then look at now, it's November, it rained, and we all know that rain is good.  It's great even because California is in a terrible, death threatening drought.  But look at when the rain came.  It came after Emily and Paulette were elected.

Another change is the Pope urging the G-20 to do something about greenhouse gases.  This isn't just some random idea that he got one day while praying to whomever he prays to.  Paulette sent him a message through her fillings which the holy see received on his foil-covered, pesto chicken sandwich which he stalked and killed on the vatican's wild game preserve.

And another change is the profound amount of compassion and patience and friendliness people are displaying to each other on the freeways and roads and boulevards and ways and avenues and streets, especially in heavily congested areas with little to no parking.

Are you better off today than you were a week and a half ago?


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