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Monday, October 06, 2014

Not One Person Seriously Injured at Emily and Paulette's Art Opening

Here is a picture of people at an art show.

Emily and Paulette's art show went off without a hitch, and not one person was seriously injured.  Nothing really heavy fell on anybody.  Nobody fell from a high place or into a pit of spikes.  No airplanes hit the building.  Nobody got caught in a conveyor belt.  Nobody squirted bbq starter on the fire and had the can blow up in their face.  There were no gunfights, knife fights or fisticuffs.  Nobody was trampled in a stampede of people after the doors opened up.  And nobody was mauled by a wild animal.

When asked how the show went, Paulette replied, "Nobody is reported missing or injured, so it looks everybody's gonna make it home safe and sound to their warm beds with newly laundered sheets after they take relaxing showers or baths."


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