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Friday, October 31, 2014

Over 10 People Show Up For Oakland Super Duper Music Festival

Over 10 people flocked to the Rise Above Gallery in Oakland for Oakland's first and possibly last Super Duper Music Festival.

Some of the people were men, and some were women, and one was still in grammar school.  Most of them spoke English as their first language and could be heard speaking English to each other when the musicians weren't playing.

The tallest one was under 7 feet tall, and the shortest one was around 4 feet tall.  One of the women wore a dress while the others had pants.  All of the men wore pants.

The venue had electrical power and lights, so the performers were able to play with amplification, and all concertgoers could see the performances because of the lights.  Even though there were over 10 audience members, nobody bumped into anybody else.

There was beer and pizza.


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