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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Paulette Joins Oakland Based Band Strop

Dateline:  Oakland, CA

Paulette has once again joined forces with Mark Hanley to form the super duper group, STROP, with the awesome and shocking and inimitable drummer, Wally "the nickname" McClellan.

Here is a picture of Mark Hanley and Paulette.

Here is a picture of Mark, Wally and Brian Brooks.

They will be performing on Saturday, June 20th at Berkeley's famed Starry Plough, and this is really funny because the Starry Plough refers to an Irish Flag, and Mark and Paulette have a lot of Irish genes, and Wally has a name that starts with "Mc", so he's probably either from Ireland partly or Scotland or some kind of island country near England.  So it's an interesting amalgam of homogeneity that will knock socks off all listeners really big time, colossally, maximally and with great greatness.

The band may be playing under the name, "Hanley" for this date because of late in the game band name changes, and it is uncertain if, going forward, Strop will be a viable name for the band, as there is a band currently with that name in Scotland, a country that is kind of close to Ireland.

Here are some of the songs wroted by Hanley and Paulette.

They will play 10 songs, and they will be the first act of the night, probably going on around 8, or maybe 9, or maybe 9:30, but probably not 10, but who knows?  It will be a Saturday, and the place probably closes at 1:45, so they'll need to have a band 'til near closing.

There will be other bands playing that night too, but they will play after Strop, a.k.a. Hanley.

The Strop/Hanley performance will also feature the light show of Wally's progeny, Henry.


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