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Sunday, July 05, 2015

Review: JMW Turner Painting Set Free at de Young Museum

Here is a photo of Robert Bechtle.

I went to the Joseph Mallord Williams Turner show at the de Young museum in San Francisco, and I liked it because of the colors and layering in the paintings.  Joe used a lot of oil paint on the canvases, and he mixed  different colors around, making new ones.  It looked like he would spend a lot of time working up surfaces.  In other words, it looked like he'd put down one color, let it dry, and then put a glaze over that, and then repeat.

Joe couldn't make it to the show because he's dead.

Joe put bright spots in his paintings, and these remind me of an aura I had in my vision when I was in the 7th or 8th grade for a day or so.  I think people with migraines get these auras, but I don't know if Joe suffered from migraines.

I stood close to some of the paintings and looked closely at the paint.  The paint was nice.  It seemed a bit like Joe was trying to get glazey, watercolor-like effects in oil paint.  There were a good number of his watercolors at the show as well as his oils.

Before we looked at Joe's paintings, I got a latte and put chocolate dust on top of it.  I love chocolate dusted lattes.  MMMMMMM. 

I kept asking myself, "What can I learn?  What can I learn" because I kind of like how he painted, and thought it might be useful if I could pick something up from being around his art.

I got new shoes recently, and they were comfortable to walk around in at the museum.

One of the two Tillamook cheese billboards we saw in San Francisco had bird poop on it from the birds that would sit on top of the sign.  The sign was huge and visible from the freeway we drove on.

I thought it was interesting that Joe lived less than 300 years ago, but human history goes back for a lot longer than that, so we're not really looking that far back when we look at Joe's paintings.

There were no cars or smartphones in Joe's paintings, and I forgot to mention that his paintings remind me of that Russian, Jewish guy who makes paintings with people in the air in kind of limited palettes, what the heck is his name.  Marc Chagall.


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