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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Bicycle Built for Two

Dear Reader,

I found this song in a songbook from my aunt's house in Chico, CA where my mom grew up as well. My aunt is my mom's sister. They get along well, and my mom might actually be up in chico at my aunt's with my dad right now. My mom and dad were unrelated before marriage which means that my dad was also unrelated to my aunt before marriage. If my parents didn't have me, I wouldn't be related to my aunt.

I'm sure you can guess why I got so excited about this song written in 1892 by Henry Dacre. I've sung the"Daisy, Daisy" part before, not knowing the rest of the lyrics or song, and HAL has certainly had a huge impact on the way i see the world and people in it.

In other news, I got a new alternator installed in my car.

January is almost over, and it will never come back.

My friend, Pilar, told me about a person who made a film about a dog parade in Santa Barbara, CA and who needed music for it, the film. I sent her, the producer, links to my music, but she had already finished the film. I see this as a partial success because I wasn't rejected, only too late to be considered.

I haven't played out lately, but i will on february 23 in San Francisco, CA at the Magnet Men's center. I don't have my starting time yet.

I'm probably (95% sure) going to go to LA again to play at Wigout again Feb 16, 2008 10 p.m. at the Stone Bar in Los Angeles (the Angels).

I sold my Ovation Guitar, and so ends an era, an era when the world was round and people still believed in evolution, when you could still buy a cup of coffee for $2.00, napkins were free, and chocolate wasn't illegal.

I have an e-mail friend, Dan Glover, who is an amazing"classical" pianist. I took a lesson from him once. I met him when i was studying at SFSU and he was an accompanist there.

Love Always,


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Republican Primaries

Dear Lovely People,

I just got my piano tuned, so i'm kind of excited about that.I'm teaching piano in people's homes, so tell every person you know. $40 per hour add $5.00 for travel within reason. We all know that democrats are communists and terrorist sympathizers, so i wanted to help get you acquainted with your choices for president. I took some time off from not being on tour to write this song which helps to illustrate my political confusion.

Paulette Chequessett t-shirts are looking probable, so i'm kind of excited about that. I can give you a special bulk rate on 36 beautiful paulette t-shirts of various sizes. At the bulk rate, they'd cost you about $400.00, so let me know if you'd like to own 36 lovely t-shirts for yourself and your loved ones. Individually, they'll be $15.00, so get your checkbook out and get ready to have the time of your life.

I will play in San Francisco at the Magnet men's center again on February 23.

Happy New Year still.

Love Always,


Saturday, January 05, 2008

U-Kill-It Success Story

Dear People who've already received one Spam e-mail from me today,

I forgot to add....

My Friend Mary who raises sheep and has beautiful border collies in New York State recently wrote me the following e-mail. "I want you to know how many people here in my little Hillbilly Nation community know and sing and love yourU-Killit song!!..

Just the other day there I was stopped whilst buying chicken food and a funny looking dirty little dairy farmer asked for me to sing to him. I replied. sing?? Sing what?? .. you know the one..the one about the .. "Kill your own meat"%&%&%&!!!!!

I was just at the slaughterhouse yesterday.. dropping off a pig and some lambs and don't you know at least 3people there wanted me to sing it for them!!"

Here's the song if you haven't heard it.



Goodbye 2007, NYE show recap

Dear Diary,

I played on New Year's eve at a restaurant on HaightStreet in San Francisco, California.

It was my first ever New Year's Eve show.

The people smiled and sang along and laughed, so in that respect it was a total success. I haven't really thought about it in other respects. I'm mostly just glad New Year's is over.

There were no windows in the room we played in, so if you wanted to see out, you had to look inward. I looked inward for a bit and was able to see a large group of ducks attacking some school kids. I later talked to my "counselor" about it, and she said that i'd been attending too many peta meetings.

After I played, our group left the restaurant to catch a bicycle to a bar in San Francisco on Divisadero andPage. The bar is called "The Page." It gets its name from the street it's on. We drank alcohol inside the bar, but only after the place thinned out. It was completely packed when we first arrived, so we had toget tiny bottles of jameson's at the nearby liquor store.

There was a mid-sized, unattended dog in front of the bar that a guy shooed out of the road. The dog was white and brown like some cows are. Jules and Nadine gave me some miniature toy plastic cows for christmas. They originally gave me full size plastic cows, but i exchanged them for miniatures. The full size ones are more fun, but they are too big for my apartment.

I don't recall seeing any cats out on New Years, but they are stealthier than dogs, so i might have missed them.

Happy New Year.