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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

SPAM: More New Songs

Dear pfan,
I've been making new songs and recording old ones.
Here's an old one i re-recorded.
It's about bread going bad.
I didn't do my internet show today because I didn't want to.
Today, I made eggs for breakfast and put Tapatio sauce and pepper on them.  I thought they tasted good, but the eggs weren't as fluffy as when i made them the other day.  I think it's because the eggs i used the other day were from "cage free" birds while the ones i used today were from "free range" birds.  I thought eggs were eggs, but i guess I thought wrong.
I also made tea and served it with milk, nonfat.  Boy, talk about one of life's simple pleasures, and I think the fact that i had the day off made it taste even better than it would taste on a work day.
I've been recording many short songs lately for what we in the business call an "album", and that's what i did today.
In a fit of extravagance, i went and bought a burrito for lunch, a rice and bean burrito with less cheese than normal, but the woman taking my order didn't hear the part about less cheese, so i got the usual amount of cheese.  I thought about throwing a self-righteous tantrum, but i didn't throw it.
I went home, took a nap, woke up and taught a guitar lesson.
After the guitar, I went grocery shopping and i have some exciting stories to tell about that adventure, but i will save them for next time.
Until Then,

Friday, May 14, 2010

Three Hour Show

Dear Pan,
Today, I played a three hour show just for fun.
There were over 2 people listening at any one time, and this is something that I'm very proud of.
I played the show because Inger Binger missed Wednesday's show and apparently I hate to see such fan disappointment.
Love Always,