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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Above the Music: The Drama Surrounding "Campfire Calculator"

This is a picture of a campfire calculator
There was a lot of drama while we made the song Campfire Calculator.  Mark's dog barks a lot when I come over, so this scares me and I run outside the yard to feel safe from the dog that's over 11 inches tall.  This happened a lot, and it was really dramatic when it happened.  I'd say to Mark, "This is a lot of drama" and he'd reply, "Sure is."  Another time, I drank a bunch of tea and water and kept having to go to the toilet.  This wasn't as dramatic as the dog's barking and scaring me, but it provided some tension in the moments leading up to my going to the toilet.

And when we were recording it, I forgot to bring my microphone, so we only had one microphone and had to share, and I don't like to share because it makes me uncomfortable and angry, so this made some drama until I realized that we were working together and that it might help move things along smoothly to share.

And then it was really dramatic the night that we released it digitally.  Within the first 50 minutes of our releasing it on Facebook, 2 people liked it, so as you can imagine, we were overwhelmed by our success and began to feel its pressure weigh down on us, so much so that I thought about retreating into carrots and hummus.

So in summary, it's been a dramatic ride through our time making and releasing Campfire Calculator.

Campfire Calculator