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Monday, September 07, 2015

Paulette in Huge Intellectual Property Battle with Veronica Leon

This is a picture of a penis gun.

Paulette is in intellectual property court after stealing Veronica Leon's idea for the penis gun and making a drawing out of it.

At stake is the trillions of dollars in royalties and licensing fees that will be created when penis-shaped guns start to hit the market.

Sources attending the same barbecue and close to the litigants say that Leon made the comment, "Why don't they just make all guns penis-shaped?"  And Paulette added, "And in order to activate them, you have to rub the balls in the handle, so it'll take a little time to shoot somebody, a couple of minutes at least, and maybe up to 15 minutes depending on the gun."

Paulette and Veronica are still good friends and refuse to settle out of court because they like to support the legal industry and think it's neat when lawyers drive nice cars and live in really big houses.