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Thursday, March 07, 2013

Cute Dogs are Trojan Horses for North Korean Nukes

Cute, Furry Dog is Really a Nuclear Threat
North Korea is infiltrating the United States by sending in cute, furry dogs armed with nuclear devices.

After the latest round of sanctions by the United Nations, North Korea threatened a preemptive nuclear strike, and they are using dogs to carry it out.  The dogs are really cute and friendly, but if detonated have the potential to decimate everything within a half-mile radius.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Dusk Descends on Paulette's Dawn

Here's the painting of the empty bottle

In a process that has taken nearly five years, Paulette's bottle of Dawn dishwashing detergent is pretty much completely empty.

"It's pretty much completely empty, and it only took about 5 years," says Paulette with glee and guilelessness.  "I used it to clean my dishes, blue gooey stuff from insisde the bottle.  I turn it upside down and squeeze gently and it comes out and when water mixes with it, it makes bubbles.  The bubbles act as an emulsifier, lifting grease from my plates so that i can eat off plates that aren't greasy.  Sometimes when i put it down hard, the bottle, little bubbles blow out of it and float in the air."

To commemorate the occasion, Paulette made a painting of it, and that painting is now at auction on EBAY.