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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Look Back: June 24, 2008 - The Magnet Show

Dear Diary,

I'm eating carrots right now in an effort to eat
healthily. If you cut up a carrot into pieces, you
can't really call it a carrot any more. It's not like
sheep that way. With sheep, you can cut them up and
they become mutton, which has nothing to do with
carrots unless you fed the sheep carrots. Did you
feed the sheep carrots? Were they whole carrots or
pieces of carrots.

Jules and I went to the Magnet Men's center again for
the third or fourth time in our lives to play for
about 9 sitting people. But before we played, we ate
dinner at his house with his lovely wife Nadine.
Jules made a potato soup with Jalapeno pepper and
shrimp in it, and it tasted good.

Jeremy, our mutual friend had a tree with plums about
to go bad, so Jules made a sorbet from them, and that
was rather tasty as well. I had been drinking tea
that night, so as I'm sure you can imagine, I was
wired to the bejeezus, not even close to falling
asleep, not so much as yawn coming from my bright-eyed

Jules and Nadine's computer monitor recently went bad,
so they got a new one, only they couldn't get rid of
the old one because it was the lynchpin for the
computer's audio system. So they now have two
monitors doing the job that one used to do. I'm just
glad that i live in a day and age when simple
technological solutions to simple technological
problems are lurking around every corner waiting to
attack me.

We took my car to San Francisco and drove across the
Old Bay Bridge because the new one isn't complete yet.
We thought about taking the new bridge but decided
against it because we were afraid of that much
adventure, and the kelp highway is overrated.

I wore thongs in the frigid San Francisco wind that
howled, whipping flags around like a wisk whips
whipping cream in a bowl. My feet were cold, but it
was comforting to know that the goal of fashion is

We played shortly after we arrived, filling the room
with raw emotion. The audience was flabbergasted by
our passionate candor, taken aback by our overwhelming
honesty and ignorance, riveted like rivets to their
sumptuous plastic chairs. It was musical.

After the show, we went home to Oakland. I went to
bed and woke up the next day to go to work.

Other news:

In an attempt to get Paulette International back in
the swing of things, i recorded this great song by
Terry Adams and one of the Spampinatos, probably Joey,
but i'm not certain.
Singing is hard, especially singing a love song that's
point blank serious.

If you like my rendition at all or at least don't find
it offensive, you must look up the song by NRBQ!!!



Friday, June 20, 2008

Reader Comments: Do You Like Frogs?

After my last article proclaiming my love of dogs, a deluge of reader comments has poured in from far and wide, most of them asking, "Do you like frogs?"

I'm tickled to be asked about another animal that's so near and dear to my somewhat healthy heart. It's refreshing to hear such intense interest in fauna from my loyal readership.

Yes, I like frogs. I more than like frogs, I love frogs. I had some bad experiences in the past where I essentially unknowingly abused them by trying to keep them as pets, and I know that those childish actions will make it difficult for me to move upwards toward nirvana on the wheel of samsara. But I think frogs are amazing animals because they look neat and have nifty bodies and start as little tadpoles and make me think about not being in my apartment where there are absolutely no frogs, save my full-sized Kermit the frog standing on top of my piano.

Let's celebrate frogs, all 5,250 species and 33 families!!! Hooray for frogs and frog lovers!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I like dogs

I like dogs.

I like them because they are often friendly and playful.

If I were a cat, I probably wouldn't like dogs, but I am not a cat. I am something other than a cat. I know that some cats like some dogs, but I don't think I would be that kind of cat. On second thought, I might like one or two dogs, but those would have to be rather well behaved around me.

I like dogs.

The End