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Friday, April 25, 2008

Chequessett T-shirt Mania Photo Gallery

Here are happy Chequessett t-shirt wearers. Notice how happy they are while fully clothed and fashion forward!!! Isn't it breathtaking?!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Paulette Plays Music

I'm on a number of digital download sites now. The album available is called "Paulette Plays Music." It's a greatest hits album with 24 or so tracks, lasting about 74 minutes or something like that. If you buy it from it's about $12.00.

Otherwise do a google search for "Paulette Plays Music" and watch the magic happen.

Be sure to buy numerous copies.


Dear Diary: 4/15/08 The El Rio Show

Dear Diary,

I love your pages. Thank you for holding the ink from my pen. I hope you have a nice time sitting on the shelf.

4/15/08 I played at the El Rio bar on Mission Street in San Francisco in the heart of I don't know where, the peninsula maybe. The El Rio is unusual in that it has a large back patio with a heat lamp. I don't usually see bars with a large back patio and a heat lamp. So each time i visit, this little bit of unusuality wakes me up to the mind-boggling diversity and variation in bar design and bar layout throughout the world.

Jules couldn't make it because he goes to work at 5:00 in the Morning at a cafe where they serve coffee and tea, although the pastries are from an outside contractor. So, the band consisted of me, which was fine because it meant i didn't have to share the untold wealth i earned that night.

Before i played, we, my friend Linda and me, ate at the Jasmine Tea House on Mission. I got vegetables with noodles while Linda got some kind of egg rolls and a vegetable soup in a small bowl. I got black tea there too even though the place is called Jasmine Tea House. I'm a contrarian. The spicy sauce for the egg rolls was an exciting mouth phenomenon. It didn't heat up my mouth. Instead, it attacked my sinuses from the back of my throat. I recommend the sauce and sensation highly. Linda couldn't keep her eyes open while in the sauce's throes.

I started playing after the surf guitar band finished at about 10:30 when there were 4 people in the bar. Some guy walked in to make it 5, but he left and it made 4 again.

The initial audience consisted of Linda, the Bartendress, the sound woman, and a homeless guy with a big long dreadlock that hung down about 3 feet.

The bartendress seemed like she had a good sense of humor. I'd see her break a smile every now and then when i was playing. The sound woman was nice and helpful and did a good job with the sound. I had a monitor, but i don't ever remember anything coming outof it. But it didn't really matter since the room is small, so you can hear the sound bounce back at you off of the walls.

The homeless guy was attentive mostly. It seemed to me that he was listening closely most if not all of the time i played. Eventually, some other people walked in, effectively doubling the audience in a matter of seconds.

I drank tap water from a plastic cup when i was there, and they had an 8 gallon water dispenser, the kind that football teams use, so of course i was pleased.

I ended the show by saying, "Go to cdbaby and buy my cd. Look for Paulette, cdbaby Paulette, cdbaby Paulette, cdbaby Paulette, cdbaby Paulette."

In other news: Be sure to e-mail the Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco and tell them that you want to see a Paulette show there. I'm in the process of booking a show, and a little moral support from the fans couldn't hurt unless you threaten them or try to extort money from them or spam them with viagra offers. But who knows, maybe they like violence, sex and intrigue.



Joey Spampinato Song

Here's a new song I wrote about Joey Spampinato.

I'm not feeling real humorous lately probably because I'm stressed out. But let me tell you about how funny my apartment is at 8:30 in the morning before I go to work on a monday.

I'm listening to this song about being in love with somebody who's married

All of this music is distracting me from writing about how funny my apartment is. My hands are cold because my apartment is cold, and this just about cracks me up, has me laughing belly laughs and tearing up and having rivers of laughing tears pouring down my face.

What's even funnier is how i hit return to make a paragraph and preview it in this blog program and watch how the return did nothing to make a paragraph. I don't have all day to write about how funny my apartment is.

Little icicles are forming on my fingers, and actually they are growing down from my hand so that they get in the way of my typing, preventing the hilarity from getting through.

I played at El Rio in San Francisco on April 15th, but maybe I will post the bulletin i sent to my e-mail audience instead of describing the hilarity of something i already wrote.

I 'm going to take a shower in my apartment, and this is always worth a laugh to me. There's something really funny about taking a shower, and it never fails to entertain me a lot.

I have a new book that I might read.