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Monday, April 20, 2009

Spam: New Songs


I done wrote two new songs.

The first one is a quote from my cousin, Mr. Let's Paint, who either said, "Creativity is not a freakin' game" or "Creativity is not a fuckin' game."  I don't know which, but i'm pretty sure he said it both ways.

Creativity is not a Freakin' Game

The second song is for my good friends in Brasil and anybody who speaks portugese.

My Friend Ana helped me to translate from English to Portugese.

Fiz uma depilacao completa
doeu, mas sou valente
depois ainda joguei futebol na grama
adoro uma pelada
quer jogar comiga
e bom


I got a brazilian wax job
it hurt, but i am tough
then i played soccer on the grass
would you like to play soccer with me
it's fun.

Fiz Uma Depilacao Completa



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spam: Stop Making That Noise

Dear Fan,

A couple of weeks ago, my niece and nephew and cousin and his gal visited from Phoenix, AZ.  I'm calling my cousin's kids "niece" and "nephew" because that's what philipino people do, and they're obviously smarter than europeans.

My niece and nephew helped to hatch "Fork in the Ketchup", "Ninety-two Toyota Tercel" and this extremely important song I'm sending you now, "Stop Making That Noise."

Me and the kids were in the back seat of the rental car headed toward alcatraz, the prison, while cuz and his gal were up front.  Niece was humming, and like a bad influence, i showed her how to flap your lips while humming.  Nephew chimed in, and Cuz took it for about 30 seconds before he said, "that's about enough of that."  I apologized profusely for corrupting youth, and as a display of remorse I made this song thingy. 

Long live lip flappers!!!

Stop Making That Noise


Thursday, April 09, 2009

Paulette Song on Car talk

Hi Paulette,

Thanks--I got the mp3 you sent, and we're actually using it on this
week's show--it'll be at the end of our 2nd Segment, around 35 minutes
past the hour.


David Greene
Car Talk

Ninety-two Toyota Tercel

92 Toyota Tercel

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spam: Ninety-two Toyota Tercel

Dear Music Fanatic,

Here's a new song about a car.

Ninety-two Toyota Tercel