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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spam: Paulette on Radio VAlencia

hi Beautiful Human Being,
How's your February going?
I'm on RADIO VALENCIA tomorrow Feb 23rd at 10 a.m.
I'll be on DJ Bunnywhiskers' show, playing the songs from my latest cd, plugging my cd release party on March 5th at SMokey's Tangle.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Spam: The Winner of the "Guess what date the party will be rescheduled to."

Dear Beautiful Person,
As you are all well aware of, the time to reveal the winner of the "CD Release Party Rescheduling Game" is nigh.  it's now, it's near, it's hear, here, heeer.  Here it is.
The person to guess the closest to mar 5th, 2011 was Mrs. Pilar C. of lovely Richmond, CA who guessed Jan 15, 2011.
Pilar will receive a beautifully autographed copy of "The New Norte Americana" cd which she can love and cherish for the rest of her fantastically lucky life.
Let's give a big round of Applause for Mrs. Pilar C. of Richmond, CA. 
here are are the other guesses.
(the table didn’t post.  there were about 7 guesses, most of them guessed far too soonly)
For those of you who lost pathetically and embarrassingly, you can always send me $10 and buy one while I still have a few left.

Paulette Throws an Album Release Party March 5

Contact: Paulette Nichols





Paulette, the international music star based in Oakland, California, is having her cd release party at Smokey’s Tangle, a small, quaint, adorable, lovely, fantastic, warm, caring, nurturing, friendly, amicable, amiable, outgoing, extroverted, introverted, wooden venue in the Temescal “district” of the beautiful city of Oakland, CA.

She will play her whole album live with the support of Erik Pearson on Banjo and Sonya Hunter who will sing like a bird and charm the fuck out of everybody who is alive.

Numerous special guests are expected to make appearances, and it is rumored that members of the super famous band, boatclub, which is based ever so humbly in the great city that is Oakland, will appear.

Smokey’s Tangle is one of the world’s premier art galleries/performance spaces/lecture halls, constantly producing fantastic, engaging, eyes-popping-out, wonderful, fascinating, mind blowing art and photos that come from the collective mind of Smokey’s Tangle and its army of super duper top notch artists who have worked hard to raise themselves far above the bottom notch.

Paulette’s new album has been officially reviewed once, by a music journalist who writes for “The Noise” in Boston, and he seems to have liked it, loosely comparing Paulette to the Shaggs and Jonathan Richman and some other musicians. Belinda from WMFO’s hit show, Bubbles in the Think Tank, picked it for her top 10 releases of 2010, saying, “How did we ever live without Paulette?”

Paulette’s song “92 Toyota Tercel” was played nationwide on NPR’s “Car Talk” on the same show that featured a song written by Neil Young about a car. Her songs about Sarah palin and John McCain were featured on The East Bay Express’s website and were lavishly praised by the left wing journalists there. She has numerous times had songs featured on KALX’s show, “The Next Big Thing.” She recently recorded an album, “Going Nowhere But Came Back,” with John Kilduff a.k.a. Mr. Let’s Paint, of the Smash hit internet show “Let’s Paint TV,” and she has sold over $100.00 worth of her very own merchandise over the course of her ever so short life.