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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fantastic Live CD Party Footage

Here’s me and Erik playing the song, “Drinkin’ a Lot.”  Notice the bottle sounds carefully placed at the beginning of it.  we rehearsed that for over an hour.

Monday, March 07, 2011

CD Show Aftermath




Dear Fan,

I had the cd release party, and so now all of my cd's are released.  I released them out into the street, and they just started running up and down the street and out of sight like a setting sun.  it was dramatic, like a play or a movie or a story about cd's running up and down a street and out of sight.

BAck to reality.

The winner of the "Guess When the CD Release Party is gonna be" didn't show up to claim her cd, so we'll have to make other arrangements.

There were about 30 people who attended, maybe less, I didn't count them, the general feel of the show was good, people didn't throw anything at me.

Everybody was so intoxicated and drugged up that we all needed blood transfusions, so we called the portable blood bank, Porta-blood, and set up some gurneys, and we all got transfusions, paid for by federal tax dollars out of a special fund, The Rock and Roll, Drugged-Out, Blood Transfusion Myth Fund.  (I apologize for stringing along nouns)

We all felt better and carried on with the merrymaking.  It was a lot of fun.

Sonya and Erik played and sang songs, and Sonya sang one called "gravenstein" an americana song because my album was an attempt to create fake americana.  her song was lovely.  Erik sang a song called "everything needs fixin'" about the concept, "it's already broken" from buddhist philosophy I believe.  They were lovely and both wore their paulette "Chequessett" shirts, so I broke down in tears and sobbed and couldn't talk for over an hour.  it was so cleansing and purifying and all that to cry for that long.  I once watched a karate film where a guys father was killed or his brother or his sister or his dog, and his mother cried so much that she went blind.  I only lost a little eyesight, but I'll get my eyes checked by a mechanic.  They also both wore Cowboy boots.  I wore clogs.

I played every single song from my new album, and nobody fell asleep or died while they were there listening, so I chalk that up as a total success, a humdinger of a show.  it took about an hour to play all the songs.  some we played twice because they were short and people weren't listening because they were texting their friends or talking loudly on their cell phones to their partners shopping at the grocery store for milk.

"no, get the milk that expires on the 17th, I love the 17th.  get that one."

"shutup, this is a fucking concert"

"welcome to the 21st century"

and then I grabbed the cell phone and realized it was all just a horrible nightmare.

robert brought me a bouquet of plants he found on the way to the show, so that went into a vase immediately.  Julie had her foot stepped on by a horse but sent a lovely piece of loveliness via her messenger service.  All the super fantastic people were there.  everybody who came was the most beautiful person ever in the history of life on the planet.

Brian and emily were nice enough to let me have the show at smokey's tangle.  brian set up the space, moving chairs into lines, making a flyer, decorating the window, posting posts on postbook, telling friends who told two friends and so on and so on and so on.

robert, jonathan, marcos and joel were on the publicity crew, so that was a shocker since I didn't fully know whether joel's publicity idea would fully come to fruition, but it was a lovely surprise which showed up with the help of cellotape.  super yay!!!

Since it was a hootenany after I played, boatclub, the world famous rock band based ever so humbly in oakland, set up shop and rocked the house.  it was matt and mark and john and stephan and me and erik, and sonya all rocking out like a bunch of rock and rollers. 

Some people who wanted to play didn't get a chance, but I spoke with them afterwards and they said that I could shove it and they'd never speak to me again unless I paid them a lot, A LOT, of money.  so I'm making payments to them

I invited Nadja Salerno Sonnenberg and Martha Argerich and Nathan Milstein, but their managers said that they had to watch tv that night.

so if you know anybody who wants to hear me and erik play the album again, just send $700.00 and airfare to me, and We'll be happy to make it happen again.

Otherwise, I'll be riding my bike up and down the hill.



Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Take Piano Lessons


I’m offering piano lessons.  e-mail me at paulettelessons aatt gee mail dot com.