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Monday, August 14, 2017

As Your Candidate for Citizen

Ever since I started running for the office of citizen, I realized that I have to tell people what I think because people like it when their leaders say things about problems in the world.

I think that donal trump is a loser, he is lost, he no good, I just read an article, an editorial that said the same thing, and I agreed with some of it.

I think he lost because he badmouthed a man who called him out on his reluctance to condemn racist violence in Virginia, the state in the united states that's part of the united states.  who does that?  somebody calls it like they see it, and then trump don't even address the charges, he just change the subject to drug prices because he know that's a subject changer.  but trump, he still a loser, reluctant to condemn racism, like when david duke supported him in the election in 2016 and trump said that he knew nothing about duke when in fact previous interviews with trump showed that he knew quite a bit about duke.

I think trump loser because he friends with Steve Bannon, spoiled white mannish boy who think he got smahts because he knows how to dismantle gubmint.  well I don't know anything about bannon, 'cept he worked for goldman sachs and was editor for the breitbart propaganda website which is about as trustworthy as my blog.  Goldman Sachs mony people think they so smaht because they can make a ton of money.  yippee, a ton of money, so f#ckin' what.

Trump do so many other things that stupid, that I lose track which help him ruin things if I lose track.  He pretend V. Putin some kind of good guy, but putin afraid of the truth, all his corruption and that of yeltsin before him.  he in so deep, he such a thug.

trump praise phillipine shitwit leader, duterte, who promote extrajudicial murder of drug addicts and dealers.  so sad.  trump praise this. trump promote hostility to journalists.  trump promote hostility to muslims.  trump hater. 

if we don't use our political power as citizens against trump's stupidness, we will end up with a stupid country.  so we must tell our minds to people and get organize and think how to make country good in spite of shitty president.  I bin planting no flowers, but I made drawing of flowers.

so this my speech I say to you as your candidate for citizen of usa.  please vote for me or I go somewhere else.