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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Paulette Writes About Her POTSU Art

Symbols at work.

Paulette made paintings that are of the current president of the United States of Amerigo Vespucci.  They are unflattering and biting and punchy and seek to tell some kind of truth even if they exaggerate and possibly fail. 

The top one of the orange hood with flyaway hair is an important work of art because it is so clear, it tells it like it is.  It doesn't mince words and it's really poetic, metaphorical and similitudinous and vacuous and incisive and links the potsu with hate groups who are afraid of people who are different from themselves.  A term being bandied about is ethnic nationalists, and this ethnic nationalism don't sit quite right with Paulette who says, "Them ethnic nationalists live in places where they don't see so many nationalities, or at least why don't they know that there's lots of good people from all over, and some people ain't so good, but Euros don't got no monopoly on the gooduns, so why you want to say they do.  Callin the kettle black, it looks like that's what's happnin.  Y'all need to get outta your bubble too.  Mebbe we get a travel day so's we can see how others live in the other places we don't live in.

Look at the lovely power couple.
The potsu and his wife smile for the camera.  She was a professional model, so she knows all about cameras and looks and appearances.  He's no stranger to the camera either, posing and acting on his tv show about firin' people before he got into his potsu role.  Such a brand making man.  Image is everything, or is it?  Don't look past the surface.  Don't ask too many questions about what's really happening or you may get past the veneer, the façade.  Again, the painting asks the question, who are these people?