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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Paulette's Sh#t Show Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear Maniacal Paulette Fan,
In an effort to bite off more than I can chew, I agreed to do, confirmed a date, committed to doing a show of sorts wherein I will make images with paint and other media and put them on the walls of my friends’ storefront artspace, Smokey's Tangle, in the heart of THE lovely Temescal neighborhood in BEautiful, sunny Oakland, the land of the Oaks.
These images will be so profoundly moving that they will move you a lot, and you will feel your body, thoughts and emotions so intensely that you will think and feel like you are watching television or having the best sex of your ever-so-short little life.  The experience will be so educational and edifying that you will feel like a door has opened for you and life appears before you clearly, without a layer of sh#t on it.
If you come to the show, you might have to sign a paper (before seeing the images) releasing me from all responsibility for your actions after seeing the images, but I can't really see why except that your whole worldview will radically change and you might feel like you are not really in your own body any more, like you don't recognize the body you inhabit, so you'll think you are a spirit that can run in front of moving cars and not be injured.
So anyhow, I'll be there, and I might play music too if I feel like it, but don't plan on it because I'm not sure how much of myself I can take at once.
In other self-congratulatory, self-promotional news, I made or rerecorded some music.
Here's a studio recording of transgendered which might have some life in it.  This was recorded with Stephan Junca on drums at James Boblak's studio in berkeley and a few other places.
I rerecorded
I like the recording, but I'm thinking the song might want to do more with itself.
and that's mostly it, there are more new things at
Smokey's Tangle address:
4709 Telegraph Avenue  Oakland, Calif.
The show is part of First Fridays in Oakland, and the venue opens at 7:00 p.m. and closes at 10 p.m. typically.
Sincerely for some parts of this missive,
 beethoven 001


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