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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fw: Now Casting! Show from the Producer of Amazing Race (Los Angeles, CA)

John Kilduff
46 years old
Los Angeles

Paulette Nichols
41? years old

We are cousins and entertainers to boot. Paulette is an award winning singer/song writer and I am best known for my cable access tv show "Let's Paint TV". We just finished touring together and we still are talking to each other!  Because we are can rest assure that the whole Kelly clan will be watching! Also, as an extra bonus....I am terrified of heights so that will be sun to film too.

We are both broke....I am underwater in my house and have a van that has over 250k on it and Paulette works at gigantic retail warehouse, pushing carts need I say more?

*Here's are links of our social conquests:!/paulettehumanbe


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