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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cousins Tour 2011 Press Release

Press contact: Paulette Nichols

For Immediate Release

A Functional Family Tours the Pacific Northwest

Mr. Let’s Paint TV, a.k.a John Kilduff, and Paulette Nichols will be embarking on a week long tour of northern California, Oregon and Washington, the state. They are second cousins and found each other in later life to the acclaim of audiences everywhere. The tour starts in Oakland, CA and goes as far north as Anacortes, WA, hitting the cities of Arcata, Portland and Seattle along the way.

They will be driving in a ’92 Toyota Tercel, a car Paulette wrote a song about which was played on NPR’s Car Talk.

John Kilduff is the Star and Creator of Let’s Paint TV, a huge underground internet sensation with his youtube page having received over 1 million hits. He has performed in Canada, Los Angeles, Australia, Kansas City, New York City and Florida. He has also performed on America’s Got Talent and The Tyra Show. His show is like Bob Ross’ except it involves multi-tasking, making food, playing ping pong, answering viewer calls, and exercising at the same time mostly on a treadmill.

John, a.k.a. Mr. Let’s Paint a.k.a. Mr Paint, has been doing his show for over ten years now. Originally starting on Public Access in Eagle Rock, CA, he moved his show to his Los Angeles home studio after funding for the public access studio was cut.

Paulette is a singer and a songwriter based in Oakland, CA who sings and writes songs about what it’s like to be alive and moving around in the universe. She has fans on 3 continents, at least that’s what itunes sales of her music indicate.

One purpose of their tour is to bring attention to the lack of creativity in the world and the fear surrounding the lack of creativity in the world. There are other purposes to the tour, but they might not be evident for many years to come, in fact, they might never become evident. The main premise of the tour is that it is not pointless.

Nov. 4   Smokey's Tangle,    Oakland CA

Nov. 5   Blondies, Arcata CA

Nov. 6   Somewhere in Arcata.....

Nov. 8   The Way Post, Portland OR

Nov. 9   Urban Oasis, Seattle WA

Nov. 10  The Business, Anacortes WA

Nov. 11   Cafe Racer, Seattle WA

Nov 12   Experimental Half Hour, Portland OR


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