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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Another Unbelievably Live Paulette Show

Dear Person,
Some people have been complimenting me about my writing, so, sadly, this encourages me, and you get another e-mail about my life.
I hope you're having a great spring break out at the beach, and that you're getting laid all over the place and that you're having the best time you've ever had in your short, happy life.
Today, I took time off from laying eggs in rotting fruit and vegetables to go to work at the big, retail box-store.  I don't really remember being there, and I try to forget being there because it causes me pain, but I remember getting up earlier than usual to go someplace, and the next thing I know, I'm walking towards my little apartment at about 5 p.m., so I'm pretty sure I went to work today.
Again, my showbiz career got a shot in the arm on Friday when I played again at Smokey's Tangle, Oakland's premier artspace where you don't pay department store prices.  I was asked by Jess Anthony, the exhibiting artist, to play music, and play music I did, with me, myself and I and me and me and the Fantastic Matt Piucci of boatclub and dream syndicate, I mean Rain Parade fame.  Matt helped me sing the liquor store song and the rollerskate song, and it was a musical tour de force.  It was really impressive him and me singing together in the art space for over 15 people.
I sold a cd to a girl/woman who was part of the exhibit/show.  She had a vending machine façade and sat behind it making postcards for anybody who shelled out $2.00.  The "machine" would talk to people, saying things like "Can you recommend a good tax lawyer?" and "It's getting hot in here, I need out" and "I can make you an even better postcard for $3.00," but I wasn't about to be fooled.  I could clearly see that she was behind the façade, making fools out of so many hapless, helpless people, so I started screaming, "It's not really a machine, it's just like in the wizard of oz.  Don't be fooled you guys.  There's a person in there, in the machine, can't you see, why can't you just believe me.  I'm not crazy, I'm not stupid, this machine is really a person behind a cloth computer facade, pretending to be a machine."
But nobody would believe me.  In fact, they said, "we don't believe you, what's wrong with you, of course it's a machine, don't be silly," and so I gave up defeated and angry.
Here's a photo of me playing while a woman attendee rapturously listens to me play.
Jess's show consisted of maps of the east bay, and attendees were invited to mark places on these maps with pens where things happened to them.  For example, one map would have a placard above it reading something like "Where was your soul crushed?" or "Where did you leave your heart?" and then people would mark on the map where these events occurred.
Our fund drive is up to $596.00, so we only need $404.00 to make $1000.00 for the "Cousins Tour", and it looks like the tour is gonna be from Nov 4 to about Nov 15th or 16th, starting in Oakland and probably ending somewhere in Seattle or Vancouver.


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