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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SPAM: Rate the Fu##ing Record

Dear Reader,
It's time for everybody's favorite game, Rate the Fu##ing Record.
The song is a fancy schmancy studio recording of the timeless classic, "Jenn I love you and you love to rollerskate."
Again, this is from the recording sessions with Stephan Junca on Drums and James Boblak on Engineering.  In case you're new to the business of music and the making of tons of money in it, "sessions" are these things that occur when people get together to record a "project".  It's a lot like going to counseling sessions except it's probably cheaper by the hour at least on the scale that we did it.
After it starts raining money, the album the song will be on will be called, "Stephan and Paulette;  Loved by Ones".
In other news, Cousin John, Mr. Let's Paint TV, is in town, and we recorded some more important music which will be part of something really important.
Here's a video for the song we did, Isopropyl Alcohol.  It's about isopropyl alcohol.  Careful, there's saliva involved.  DO NOT watch this video if you don't want to see saliva.  If you are repulsed by saliva, DO NOT click on the link.
Love Always,


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