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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Paulette Plays the Eagle Tavern 4/28/11


Dear Valuable Member of Society Whose Importance is Greater Than the Amount of Money You Have,

As I said in the subject line, “I’m playing at the Eagle Tavern in San Francisco, 4/28/11.  That’s a thursday.  We tried to play saturday because that’s “Leather/Fetish Gear” night, but thursday will still be fun.

It will be loud, and it will also be loud because I will be playing with a drummer and there will be a PA, and the instruments will be electric and amplified through amplifiers and distorted with distortion pedals on distorted bikes.

This is the set list.

  • Bike Riding in a Dress
  • Transgendered
  • Jenn I love you and you love to rollerskate
  • Potpourri
  • Shut the fuck up
  • and Maybe the Bookstore song or Liquor Store

In other words, it will be fun.

I’ll be ably backed by the greatest dancing rhythm section ever formed

  • Stephan Junca – Drums, singing, Dancing
  • Matt Piucci -        Guitar, keys,singing, Dancing
  • Mark Hanley-       Bass, keys, singing, dancing
  • John Thoman-     Guitar, Singing, dancing

this is the address.

  • 398 12th St.
  • San Francisco, CA 94103

Come on out and get in touch with your inner homosexual!!

See you there.

Thank you in advance for coming.

In other news, I posted another clip from the Historical CD release party held way back in March.

It’s the song, “I shot the neighbor’s dog”, from the cd, The New Norte Americana, which I still have copies of if you want to pay $10 plus shipping for it.

Love Always,



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