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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

SPAM: The Truth Behind The Mask

Dear Devoutly Obsessive Fan of My Music,
I played at the Eagle Tavern in San Francisco, and my friends came to see me, but not all of my friends came, about 10 of them if you count bandmates and significant others of bandmates.  But hey, new fans, Kale and Jess, came out to listen, driving for close to an hour round trip, so let's all give them a warm welcome into our family of devoutly obsessive Paulette fans.  Hooray.
On the way to the show, a woman in a car on the freeway was about to hit my car while merging in front of me into my lane, so I honked to prevent an accident.  This honking hurt her feelings so she merged behind me and was nice enough to keep her high beams on while tailgating and honking at me.  It was fun.  I had fun.
It was fun, I had fun even though we had some musical problems which caused high drama and shouting matches between bandmates.  The band has scheduled a meditation retreat in India to heal from the deep emotional trauma of musical problems.  We all love Indian food and want to meet the people who answer our computer support questions as well.
We played all the songs I promised we'd play, some better than others.  it was fun.  I had fun.  I earned $20.00 so if anybody needs help paying for healthcare, or for your mortgage, please contact me right away, or better yet, just send me your bills.
I know you have a really busy life which is finite in length, so I'm keeping this short and to the obtuse point.
Here's some new music.  It's called "To The Store," and it's about going to the store.
Here's the video from the Eagle Tavern shot by Ms. Emily Wick.  Jenn I love you and you love to rollerskate.
Love Always,


At 10:11 AM , Blogger Jaina Bee said...

Is this why the Eagle is closed now?

At 9:42 AM , Blogger paulette said...

Yes, This is why the Eagle is closed now, but I am deeply saddened by its closing.


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