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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let's Paint TV, Paulette Pacific Northwest Tour 2011

Dear Person,
My cousin John, Mr. Let's Paint TV, and I are going on a TOUR of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest the end of October, beginning of November, and in order to fund it, the tour, we made a fundraiser video wherein we ask for money to pay for tour expenses, gas, lodging, and food.
It's part of our application for Kickstarter, the arts funding website, and we're currently waiting to see if they'll give our project the nod of substantiality, the testament to our credibility, something like that.
Our goal is $1000.00.
The plan is to play the SF Bay area, Arcata/Eureka, Portland, Seattle, and points in between.
If anybody has helpful venue info or knows of somebody who'd like to host a performance, This info is welcomed.
We are traveling without the treadmill, so if someone needs to have John on the treadmill, it's BHOT, Bring His (Own) Treadmill.  Otherwise, John's exercise activity while painting and multi-tasking will be something other than treadmilling.


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