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Sunday, January 22, 2012

War and Peace: Pierre's Mother

I don't mean to spoil the ending, but after reading 100 pages of the wrong translation of Warren Peace, I'm willing to bet that Pierre's Mother is Napoleon.
At Anna Pavlovna Scherer's soiree and fete and fiesta, we see how Pierre comes without his mom so that Anna has to fill in, taking up the mom role, trying to keep him out of party trouble.  This absence of his mother begs the question, "Who is his mother?"
Later, we see how Pierre goes to see his dying father, but his mom isn't there in any way whatsoever, so Anna Mihalovna Dubretskoy coaches Pierre, telling him what to do in the sacramental rituals of Count Bezuhov's Great Big Death Pageant.  Again, the absence of Pierre's mother is conspicuous and easy to see and obvious and a large curiousity and a profound mystery.
I predict that Pierre's mother turns out to be Napoleon because Pierre idolizes Napoleon as evidenced by his statement that "Napoleon is great because he towered above the revolution, suppressed its abuses, preserving all that was good in it."  And this idolatry reminds of when Luke Skywalker idolized Darth Vader, and Darth Vader turned out to be his dad.
So, I'm willing to bet that Napoleon is Pierre's Mother even if not explicitly stated in the text.


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