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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Eminent Marketability of Let’s Paint TV’s Art


The art of Let’s Paint TV is eminently marketable. I’m not kidding, it’s really marketable, there’s a big market for it. A lot of people want this artwork. It’s timely and relevant to the times, and it’s warm and caring, and it’s like getting a great big hug all the time you are around it, and other animals are attracted to it too. Dogs love it. Cats love it. Rats love it. Hamsters, birds, all other rodents besides hamsters and cats, animals of the savannah, and all fish and reptiles and amphibians love it. Duckbilled platypuses and all plant species love it too, maybe even more than the aforementioned hamsters love it.

Very recently, a spider was setting its web up outside my window just so that it could see my “Embrace Failare” painting from let’s paint tv inside on my wall.  I saw the spider catch itself making a mistake while making it’s web, and it chuckled, looking at me and pointing to the words, “Embrace Failare” in the painting.

I’ve had to put stickers on my apartment windows to keep birds from trying to fly into my apartment just to see my let’s paint tv oil painting. Too many birds have run smack dab into the middle of my windows, trying to get in. I truly believe that if I had a nickel for each one, I’d be able to afford my lavish lifestyle.

So hop on the wholesale bandwagon and buy Let’s Paint TV art up before it’s all gone because it’s eminently marketable. I’m not kidding.  It’s really marketable.


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