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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Paulette Did a few things today


in a change of pace, paulette did a few things today.  The day started out slowly when she woke up at about 8 a.m. and the sun was shining, and it was a lovely day in Oakland, CA.  She checked her e-mails and then called her cousin and talked to him about writing a story for a musical.  Sources close to the subject say they spoke for over 45 minutes via skype. 

After that, she called her friend and they talked about her documentary film and how she needed to get feedback on it soon because the production deadline was approaching.  “I actually felt like there was something important I needed to do.” said paulette.

Paulette then meditated for a long time, about an hour and a half, focusing on her breath as it went in and out of her nose.  “It keeps going in and out of my nose,” she commented publicly.

then she walked around the block to make sure it was still there and to stretch her legs.  “When I went outside to stretch my legs, my block was still there.  It looked almost the same as it did yesterday.”

then she watched a film and wrote comments on it, listened to Andras Schiff play bach and schubert, walked to get a burrito, talked to a friend in person, sans phone, about playing music, and walked to the grocery store where she bought $10.97 worth of groceries.

After getting home from the grocery store, she had to write about her exciting day because it was so exciting.


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