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Friday, April 13, 2012

Fw: Paulette On Vinyl

Dear Reader,
A couple of things:
One, I'm on a record pressed in vinyl.  If you recall back a bit, you might remember me asking you for money through kickstarter so that we could make a record, and's here.
Here is my friend Chandler's press announcement.
The Chandler Travis Philharmaniacs -one of my many bands that doesn't actually exist -today proudly announce our inclusion on a fab new vinyl EP produced by one of our very favorite radio personalities, Belinda Rawlins... it's the Bubbles in the Think Tank Petite 7" Record, and there's still time to order it in time for Record Store Day on April 21st (plus, it comes with a free digital download for those in need of more instant gratification.)
Besides the Philharmaniacs (Chandler, Rikki, Dinty, Whitey, Keith, and Phil), who perform the song "Still Wanna Make a Record", there's a cavalcade of other stars, including: 
  • NPR & PRI contributor David Greenberger (also of Duplex Planet fame) w/ avant-prog group Birdsongs of the Mesozoic(including occasional Philharmonic saxophonist Ken Field) and drummist Rikki Bates ("How Records Are Made")
  • Ray Mason (Western Mass fave whose songs have been covered by The Ass Ponys and Eric Ambel, among others) w/ his trademark Silvertone guitar ("Liner Notes")
  • Oakland California's delightful Paulette ("Record Store Owners")
  • Internet video sensations Socky & Jamie w/ The Spampinato Brothers ("(If You Wanna) Borrow My Records")
  • Bawdy broad of 1940′s R&B Ruth Wallis ("Long-Playing Daddy")
This is my first brush with vinyl (really, my first, still irreplaceable, love) in many many years, and, though this is our fifth single release this year, this one is different in that it ACTUALLY EXISTS!

Order now, right
It's a beautifully packaged album, and I'm still amazed that I'm on it. 
In other news, I've joined NASA.
Are you there?


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