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Saturday, March 03, 2012

My Very First Solo "Art" Show

Dear Reader,
I had my solo sh#t show opening last night, and it was fun.  The mostest fun part was the people who came in through the door to get out of the cold and look at the sh#t in the room.  EMily took pictures of the people wearing these façade things I made, so they looked liked they were part of the wallpaper.  I guess when they wore these façade things, they became part of the room, part of the sh#t. 
I made a crassly commercial video of the inanimate sh#t in the show, but like a doofus, I didn't video the people smiling and having their goofy photos made.  So they're not in the video, but the photos of them will appear somewhere soon, and of course I'll clog up your inbox with the link to those.


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