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Saturday, June 02, 2012

My Night at the Temescal Art Hop

Dear Reader,

Last night in Oakland, i went to the Temescal Art Hop in the Temescal neighborhood, and i had fun, it was fun.  I played guitar and sang in the U & I liquor store, and it was strange and interesting, and i say this because i think it was strange and a little interesting.  my energy level was a little low, and i was kind of dreading doing it, but i kind of got warmed up after about half an hour of playing the same song over and over, the liquor store song, and i would just keep singing and singing it, and different people would come into the store.  There i was, in the window, in the wine aisle, right next to the ATM, and that was me singing the liquor store song over and over, and i sang a couple of other songs, but i feel like my intensity level was kind of lacking because i haven't really been performing lately.  i was able to let go after half an hour, and some people smiled, and the shop owner DJ was about the nicest guy, and i would happily go back and sing more for him if he felt like it was something that was beneficial for him and his store.

And then, around 7:30, i played the "jazz organ" sound on my yamaha keyboard with it's jazz rhythm drum machine, and i kept playing the changes to desafinado over and over, occasionally improvising in a way that was completely irrelevant to the desafinado changes.

And Cousin John painted 50 portraits from 6 p.m. to about 11:45 p.m. and there were a lot of people coming in and out, and he was tired afterwards, and it was kind of like a scene, meaning, it felt like maybe it was becoming a little stylish and less of a homey neighborhood happening.  But it was exciting to see so many people and i was glad to see people dishing out $10.00 for each 5 minute portrait which in my estimation is a severe bargain.

And then, we went and got pizza, and then I went home and slept and it was comfortable and relaxing.




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