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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

For Immediate Release: Americana Doesn't Have to be Boring

Contact:  Paulette Nichols
Tel:  911
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International Music Star, Paulette, introduces her new album, The New Norte Americana, to the universe and everybody in it.  The new album is the best music ever produced by people since J.S. Bach.  It is so moving and sincere that it will move all listeners emotionally in their hearts and souls, viscerally.

Paulette lives in Oakland and will be touring nationally to support the album.  The tour will go from Oakland to San Francisco over the span of a month, and she will play over 1 show.

The album is Folky Americana with a touch of Classicism, Romanticism and Impressionism.  It's called "The New Norte Americana" because the music is the new norte americana.

Americana is the music of America, and Paulette is American and plays American music that sounds new and old at the same time.

She wrote most of the songs by herself, but a few of them she wrote with her old writing buddy, Mary Liebau, who raises sheep in up-state New York. 

The album features guest appearances by Sonya Hunter and Erik Pearson.

Sonya Hunter sings a song about two turtles, Speedy and Flash.  Sonya is a veteran of the singing songwriter circuit.

Erik Pearson appears on the tracks "Where's My Horse" and "Parker House Rolls."  Erik is a veteran of the Banjo circuit.

Depending on how you define "Best" and "Musician" and "World", Paulette just might be the best musician in the world.

This album is so great and fantastic that people are thinking about buying it even though it's a cd and nobody buys cds any more ever.



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