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Friday, April 16, 2010

CANNED LUNCHEON MEAT: Eagle Tavern footage and yardage

Dear Spam Victim,
As I'm absolutely certain you're all aware, the band I'm in now, boatclub, we played last night at the Eagle Tavern in sunny san francisco, the town that has streets.  It was fun.
We played 10 songs, and the set list was as follows.
Beautiful Flower (Matt Piucci)
My Friends (John Thoman)
Around i feel u (Mark Hanley)
Problem Sammy Now (matt)
Vicki (mark)
Audio from Silent (mark)
Creosoda (instrumental)
What She's Done to Your Mind (matt)
Transgender(ed) (paulette)
It's a People's World (mark)
Blue (Matt)
Here's video of us playing Transgendered for about 5 minutes.  I'm wearing a wig, a pink hoodie, faux leopard-skin pants and running shoes.
It's hard to hear matt's guitar playing, so that kind of sucks.  There are actually some loud "YEAH'S" from the audience, so maybe we connected with some of them.
The sound system at the bar was good so it made it fun to play, and the people there were rather friendly in a good way.


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