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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spam: Paulette Plays Live 3/28/09 and 4/3/09

Dear Phan,

I have more than one bit of information to relate to you.

I haven't counted all of the bits, but we'll count them and post the results at the end of this memo. If it seems that some bits aren't counted, it's because the losses won't be realized this quarter. But we're not hiding anything at all. You really can trust us. I mean we're not earning the big bucks for no reason. Honest!

For starters, I will play at The Magnet Men's Center in San Francisco on Saturday 3/28/09 some time after 7 p.m. I'll play my usual 15 - 20 minute set and will be accompanied by the masterful percussionist, Jules Worsley of Oakland, CA.

It's free, so get your tickets early before it sells out.

4122 18th Street
San Francisco, CA

For enders, on Friday 4/3/09, I will be part of yet another art show at Smokey's Tangle Gallery in Oakland, CA.

The show theme is "Beatlenuts", as in Juan, Pablo, Jorge, Wrinkle and nuts.

Here is a jingle I made for the show.

Beatlenuts Jingle

I will be helping Sonya Hunter and Erik Pearson play Beatles' tunes by request from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Smokey's Tangle
4709 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland CA 94609

As promised, here is the information bit count.

Number of information bits = 2

Happy Economy!!



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