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Friday, March 13, 2009

Spam: French Fans on Facebook

Dear Reader,

Sadly and Happily, I am on facebook, reconnecting with every person i've ever met at least once upon a time.

For fun and profit, I also created a facebook Fan page where fans can go on facebook to look at pictures of me, listen to some of my music and see who other fans are.

Within the past week, 5 young French guys became "Fans", bringing my facebook fanbase up to 14 people.

As a way of saying "Bonjour" to them, I made this brand new song with my cousin, John Donovan, and posted it to the fan site.  It's also available on the Paulette International website for $0.00.  It's called "Kilo de Burre"

Kilo de Burre

It reads thusly:

Me Choussure son tres rapide
j' courrai au marche
pour acheter
un kilo de Burre

J' ferre saute
Mes haricot verts


My shoes are very fast.
I will run to the store
to buy a kilogram of butter
I will saute my green beans.

If you don't like the pronunciations or spelling, let me know.

Poster art by Brian Brooks

I will play music in public in the near future.

Au Revoir,



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